Saturday, March 9, 2013

Real Sh*t!

When I initially started my business, I was talking with my good friend Travis about what my title should be. Without any hesitation, he said "Chief Get Shit Done Officer!" For someone who uses profanity pretty regularly (I am Southern, after all), I was a little shocked by that title.

Could I really be so bold as to call myself a Chief Get Shit Done Officer?

What if I just went with CGSDO for short? Gosh, that doesn't really roll off your tongue like CEO, does it?

To Travis, it was simple - the people who would use my services need someone that can get shit done. There's nothing to think about. It's not complicated at all. He said that if I went with a term like that, I would set myself apart - immediately.

Looking back, I can't believe something so plain gave me pause. I talked it over with my business coach, who is also a woman and she said, "Are you sure you want to call yourself that?" (In a very motherly way)

My other female entrepreneur friends also gave me similar responses. To them, it was off-putting. It didn't make sense. And as a BELIEVER, how could I use such a title?

That was about 2 years ago. But, on Friday, a close friend of mine, who also kind of balked at the idea back then, told me to check out Erika Napoletano, a vibrant-looking, red head who uses helps business owners get "un-stuck" in their business and helps you GET SHIT DONE. I was excited to check out her page.

This lady cusses A LOT and I LIKE IT!

Why? Because it works! When you say something like "I help you get stuff done," that sounds nice and sincere and all that, but when you say "You can call me when you need to get SHIT done," people stand up and take notice.

My website states that my clients live by the mantra, "I don't care how you kill the cow, I just want my steak." But in the amped-up version, it should stay "I don't give a f*ck about the details, I just want shit done." Because, that's what they are really thinking. That's what they really want!

2 years ago, I allowed fear to stop me from saying what I really wanted to say and as a result, it has probably hindered the growth of my company. I probably could have been doing more and reaching more people who connected with me because I wasn't afraid to use the phrase that translates into EXACTLY what I do. I allowed the voices and opinions of people, who were never going to use my services anyway, have an effect on my business decision. That's the second time I made that mistake, but I'll save the other story for another blog post.

So, I'm not hiding anymore. I am putting myself out there for exactly who I am - a smart, savvy, Personal Concierge who GETS SHIT DONE for her clients. For the ones who love it, they'll be happy to work with me because they understand that I understand them. For the ones who don't, they weren't right for me anyway because the truth is, I talk like that...and so do my clients.

My advice to you: Don't shrink because someone else wants to put you in a box. Be as bold and as vibrant as you really are and it will attract the right people - in business and in life.