Thursday, October 3, 2013

Business Tips from The Sheriff and the Inspector

It's #ThrowbackThursday again, so I want to talk about one of my favorite TV shows of ALL TIME!

The Andy Griffith Show. (Only the black & white episodes when Opie was still small)

During Season 1 (available to watch on AmazonPrime), episode 27, the State Inspector comes to the jail in Mayberry.

Andy was expecting the inspector who normally comes, Sam Allen, which has also become a buddy. Andy and Sam normally go fishing and hunting during the "inspection" visit.

Instead, Sam has been replaced by a strictly-by-the-book man, Ralph Case.

Inspector Case is pretty appalled by the laid-back way that Andy conducts things in Mayberry. He doesn't like that the jail cells are set-up to make people feel at home. He doesn't like that Otis (the town drunk) isn't locked away in his cell. He doesn't like that Andy brought Otis a cake for his birthday (which means a lot to Otis).

There are rules. Lots of them. And Andy just doesn't follow those rules.

Inspector Case goes from rude, to insulting, and back again a few times before easy-going Andy has to tell him off.

Eventually, they have a situation with one of the Mayberry residents, Luke, who runs a still (he makes moonshine) and he gets upset and starts shooting his rifle.

Naturally, Inspector Case freaks out and wants to call in the State Police with guns and tear gas to take the man down.

Andy manages to get in the house and take Luke into custody without a gun, any force or any backup.

Here's the takeaway:

Everyone doesn't do things exactly by the book. It doesn't mean that their way of conducting business is any less effective. You can't go around thumping on some rule book and trying to get someone to bend to the way you think they should do things. (This applies in business and life)