Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Matching messages

I recently posted a status on Facebook and it got an overwhelming response, so I decided to turn it into today's blog post:

I met a lady who was a contradiction in many ways. She writes for a fashion blog, yet she was dressed - um, let's just say far less than fashionably (and I'm no fashionista, but this was just far less than what I expected).
She was very pleasant to speak with, but she used maybe one or 2 phrases that are meant to sound intelligent over and over again.
Then, she said that she was a grammar nazi/word nerd like me; however, when I researched her, I read her public blog and it's abundantly clear that isn't true.

This isn't judgment of her. Maybe it was a bad day for her wardrobe. This is just the epitome of some things I've been thinking about lately.

What happens when what you say you are and what people see you as don't line up? You say you're a lady, but you dress like much less than a lady. You say you're a Christian, but the majority of your words are filled with hate and far more judgment than they should be.

As they say in the 'hood - "Don't talk about it, be about it."
Is it just me, or do you see this happening a lot lately? People say they're one thing but their actions say they're something else.

People watch both - your words and your actions because they want to see if they line up.

Do your messages to the world match?