Thursday, October 17, 2013

Motivation Week - Nick Vujicic

Have you ever heard of Nick Vujicic? He's a magnificent motivational speaker without arms or legs. His brand is "No Arms, No Legs, No Worries" and I think it's an incredible way to live.

Growing up, I heard people say "I used to complain about not having shoes, until I met a man who didn't have feet." Essentially, it's people's way of telling you to count your blessings, but also a way of acting as though whatever you're going through isn't a big deal. I don't believe that! What you're going through is a big deal to you when you're going through it.

That's why I like Nick because his message is not to tell you that your problems are smaller than his, but to motivate you to know that if he can overcome, so can you.

In the clip, he gives some very poignant points:

  • You will have good days and bad days, but you will always learn something new. You will learn more overall on bad days.

If you didn't go what you've gone through, you wouldn't be who you are.

  • You need to know the answer to 3 questions:
    • Who are you & what's your value?
    • What's your purpose here in life?
    • What is your destiny?
I hope this video will motivate you to do some deep thinking and get you FIRED UP! READY TO GO! If not, the week's almost over.