Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Offense is a choice

I learned that offense is a choice and as a result, I don't get offended by things, although the media would lead you to believe it's the go-to reaction for anything you don't agree with.

I am thankful that certain situations have been coming along which practically allow this blog to write itself and that makes this 31-day challenge easier.

Here's my latest diary entry:

Recently, I had a chat with a lady about business and my experience and stuff. She kept making comments like, "You're so cute. Aren't you adorable? How'd you get to be so smart?" 

It was the equivalent of being pat on the head and pinched on the cheek. I mostly looked at her with a smile and a bit an "are you serious?" head tilt.
Since I don't know her, I couldn't tell if it was sincere or condescending and as much as I embrace my youthful appearance, I kept thinking I'm too old for this. 
Quite a few people told me that they would be offended by these remarks. I choose to take a different perspective. Sometimes, people just don't know. They have no clue that they sound condescending or border-line rude "How'd you get so smart?" REALLY?!

So, I choose to accept the statements as compliments, no matter what her intention was or what her thought-process was behind them and I refuse to jump on the "Let's ALL GET OFFENDED" bandwagon.

I find that things work out better that way - for all parties involved.

Have you ever faced a situation that could have been offensive in a business conversation? I'd love to hear your stories.