Saturday, October 5, 2013

Simple Saturdays

For the majority of the week, I am all about business.

But, on Saturdays, I like to relax. I usually watch some stuff on Netflix (X-Men, Justice League, etc) or Andy Griffith on Amazon Prime. It's how I relax and you're never too old for Saturday morning cartoons.

Sometimes I do some reading, but, it has to be something that really holds my attention to give my Saturday!

The other thing that brightens my Saturday would be my 2 godchildren - Amber, a 4 year old feisty girl and AJ her 1 year old very active brother.

As much as I LOVE these 2, I have to make a lot of adjustments to everything. For starters, I can't stay in the bed watching cartoons on my iPad.

I have to adjust what I watch on TV and let's face it, today's cartoons just can't compare to the old school stuff (except Phineas & Ferb). No movies with violence or excessive cursing - so, basically, no movies because if it's not action/thriller, I'm not watching.

Adjustments not withstanding, I absolutely light up when they're around and isn't life all about making adjustments with a great attitude?

So, that's what my Simple Saturday consists of because we ALL need some downtime.

In the comments, tell me what your Simple Saturday looks like.