Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Get off your BUTT!


Over the Thanksgiving break, I took some time to watch several TEDTalks and I took lots of notes. This particular one, from Nilofer Merchant inspired me.

Fact, you're probably sitting in front of your computer while you read this blog post.

As she states, we spend about 9 hours (sometimes more) a day SITTING!

Personally, I've become more aware of it, especially because my sitting of choice would be either driving (I love a road trip) or Starbucks (aka The Office) and Barnes & Noble (aka The Satellite Office). In any of these instances, I can spend hours sitting.

But, this TEDTalk has given me another perspective. We don't have to sit for everything. We don't even have to sit in order to work on our computer - walking desks anyone?

What if we spend that same 9 hours of sitting time as walking time? Imagine the health and physical benefits it can have on you?

Try making small changes. What about standing/walking around while talking on the phone or participating in a phone conference - they don't call them MOBILE phones for nothing, right?

As Nilofer mentions, when you need to have meetings, why not have walking meetings? As she stated, fresh air can increase fresh ideas?

I used to work with a great woman who did this very thing. Our office was across from a Starbucks, so when time permitted, she would have a Walk 'N' Talk with someone who requested an audience with her. I think it worked well.

So, while you're making your plan for 2014 and the things you want to do more of and/or change about the way you conduct your business (and your life), why not add this idea to the list?

I'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments.