Thursday, December 19, 2013

Personal Assistant Satire

Being a personal assistant/personal concierge, is an interesting field of work. There is never a shortage of fun/funny/interesting/weird requests from the people you work with or work for.

So, when I came across this satirical article on HuffingtonPost the other day, I could only laugh. It's a woman who says she's looking for a personal assistant. The job description includes everything from texting for her while she's driving (so she doesn't have to), to scratching her back.

Some of the requests on the list were pretty normal:

  • Fetch me a fresh pair of socks when I step in something wet.
  • Find out why the floor is wet and remedy the problem
  • Fill the car with gas
  • Cook breakfast
  • Help me keep up appearances
Those are things that actually resemble what some of us have done as personal assistants.

Then, there are the joking parts of the list:
  • Finish my Christmas shopping, with your OWN money
  • Brush my little girl's hair so someone else can be responsible for making her cry
  • Massage my feet
  • Provide me with interesting things to write about, then sign over all rights to any intellectual property
Oh, and the BEST part is that she isn't going to pay you.

In my e-book, So You Want to be a Personal Assistant?, I briefly touch on some of this and recommend that people in pursuit of this career should have their own mind made up about what they will and won't do for a paycheck. But, my goodness, there HAS to be a paycheck involved.

Read the article, and get a taste of some of the things we're actually asked to do. If you have any strange/funny client requests, feel free to share them in the comments.