Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Don't Push Me

I can't STAND pressure tactics, especially when it comes to business.

Mainly, I think it's rude!

I've been on countless pitch-inars, you know, those "free" webinars that are really an infomercial, where so-called experts will use phrases like "If you're serious about ___" or "If you're REALLY ready to make a change" then you will buy their product or sign-up for their service, etc.

Those key-phrases just leave a bad taste in my mouth.

Just because I don't want to spend my money with you or because I'm not jumping up and down like a contestant on the Price is Right doesn't automatically preclude me from being "SERIOUS" about what's going on.

I'm serious...about my business, my life AND my money! As a result of my seriousness, I am going to take the appropriate amount of time to consider what I want to do with it and that MAY or MAY NOT include you.

Think about it!

Can you imagine someone in a business meeting with the likes of Oprah Winfrey, Richard Branson or Warren Buffet and telling them "Well, if you're REALLY serious about this, you'll sign the contracts NOW!" I think they'd be promptly shown the door or something would mysteriously come up that pulls Oprah, Richard or Warren out of the meeting.

Sometimes, a person is going to be able to jump into a situation with a resounding YES and not think twice about it. Other times, it's going to take them a little while to think about or even get more information about something before they make a decision.

I shouldn't be belittled for being cautious and thoughtful about my money.

I used to work for a cell phone company. When customers came in the door they were there for 3 reasons, buy a phone, pay a bill, or upgrade an existing account. The serious shoppers had already done their due diligence and would often come with their own comparison sheets on the different cell phone companies. The mere fact that they were in the store said that they were basically leaning towards purchasing with us. All I had to do was smile, be friendly, and answer their questions and I'd close the deal. I had the HIGHEST sales numbers in my store and often in my district. No amount of pressure was required.

Even if a customer wanted to think it over, shop around or discuss it with their spouse, they often came back because I didn't pressure them. That also led to referrals and when they wanted to add phones, they'd come find me. I don't sell phones anymore, but the basics haven't changed.

I think that the people who live and do business based on pressure tactics are working from an altered version of reality.

They want you to believe that YOU'RE the problem and not the way they approach you.


The alternative to what they're saying is "If you're not going to do business with me, then you must not be serious about your business." (Yes, I've heard someone say that)

More recently, I was told that "The mature thing to do is just say no if you don't automatically want to say yes."

Ok, so now, I'm immature by this standard because I haven't made my mind up yet?

I believe you should treat every amount of money that you spend as if you were spending a million dollars and as such, you should use caution and consideration when making decisions and doing deals.

An automatic YES does happen. Sometimes, something sounds so good to you on the inside and it FEELS like a wise decision. Other times, your heart and head need a little more time to get in sync with each other. That's ok, too.

I tell you what though, I appreciate a person who would allow me to take time, even when I don't need it, to make sure I'm making the right choice FAR MORE than I would someone who makes me feel weird about wanting to say no.

In situations with high-pressure, sales, pushy people, it's important to do what feels authentic to you.

When you have/offer something that people are wanting, needing and/or hungry for, you don't have to convince them to spend money on it, this is true. You may have to answer clarifying questions for them to help them make a final decision, but, to completely cut them off as not being serious/mature/whatever because they didn't say yes before you finish your sentence is a bunch of BULLSHIT!

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