Friday, March 1, 2013

Debbie Wiener's Million Dollar Tips

I was watching The Steve Harvey Show on TV today, and I was introduced to Debbie Wiener, a mompreneur.

I immediately admired her personality. She's friendly, funny and outgoing and I like that! She came to the show with the book that you see in the video above, but the catch was, the pages were completely blank.

She said she hadn't written the book yet, but she wanted to get Steve to write the foreword. You know what happened? He agreed! There is a lot of power in being bold and asking for what you want.

She also gave some tips to 2 other business owners:
Hickey Bottom BBQ –
Character Kids Furniture – (which I think is really cute)

I wanted to share this video with you and hopefully you will enjoy the tips that she provides as you are working on your million dollar ideas!

Are you currently working on any Million Dollar ideas?