Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Telling My Story

I never was big on telling my story. 

When it was time to write the bio for my website, I struggled with it. You want something compelling, to help make the human connection (people do business with people, etc), but, for my ideal clients, I always have to remember to keep it short and to the point because I'm respecting your time.

So, my first version was somewhere in between the two. Then my second version was based on what someone else told me was interesting. Then version number 3 was based on someone saying they don't think anybody cared about a lot of the parts of version 2. And so on and so on.

I don't know what version it is now. But what I do know is that none of the previous versions were the real DRAW to the site in the first place.

I also realized last week in conversation with friend that there's so much more to my story than I'd put in my bio, although I think it's important.

Today, I was asked to write a "Why you" statement and that's when I decided to talk about my whole story and let the chips fall where they may.

I'm committed to the career choice of being a personal assistant. I have 7 years of direct personal assistant experience; however, I've been doing this since I can remember. When I was in high school, I was the assistant to both my algebra and science teachers. When I was a junior in high school, and all my classmates were getting jobs at McDonald's, I got a job as the principal's assistant at my old elementary school. In my senior year, I got a job as the principal's assistant at my old middle school. Then, after I graduated high school, I went back to work as the assistant to the assistant principal.
Sure, I tried other jobs in that time frame, but none of them gave me the same FEELING as being an assistant. It's always been the thing where I felt most "at home."

I never really thought about any of that or pieced it together. But, now that I have, I realize the importance of it.

Sometimes, something is just printed in the fiber or your being and you may not even notice it, but, if you look back over your life, you'll see all the dots connect. Some people identify it early in life. Others identify it later, but I'll bet you dollars to donuts that if you really take some time to reflect, you will see it.

Try telling your story.

To a friend. To a dictation app. To a blog. Somewhere.

You might be surprised where things line up for you.

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