Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Detachment is scary

When I first saw the trailer for Gravity, the upcoming Sandra Bullock & George Clooney film, I don't think I breathed much for most of it.

I was holding my breath and almost in tears as I watched Sandra Bullock being carried off into space, initially by some mechanical piece and then by a lack of gravity.

I had my "OH MY GOD" face as I wondered what would happen to her. How would she get down? Couldn't she just swim through space and head back to the ship? Ok, maybe that last one was illogical, but panic had set in - mine, not hers.

It's a 6 minute trailer that has so much action and uncertainty in it, I can't imagine how my heart would be able to endure watching the entire film.

If you haven't watched the trailer yet, I'll wait. It's going to help you understand what comes next in this blog post.


Being an entrepreneur can be some scary shit! Let's just be real about it.

In order to become an entrepreneur, it takes a lot of moxy to detach yourself from the life you're used to - steady employment, benefits, a steady PAYCHECK, and venture out into the unknown.

Everyone handles this differently.

At some point, when things aren't necessarily going according to planned, panic can set in and just like Sandra, all of your training goes out the window - and FAST!

Around 1:38 of the video, you can hear George Clooney trying to give her instructions "You need to detach from that arm or it's going to carry you too far and I won't be able to reach you."

Have you ever felt that way? Has there been something that was carrying you too far off the path you're supposed to be on?

Have you allowed the distraction/disturbance to cause you to panic and you can't hear that inner voice or voice of a friend that is trying to guide you back to where you need to be?

Maybe there's a level of panic/fear that is keeping you from quitting your job.

Maybe there's something you want to do with your business that panic/fear is preventing from you doing.

It's ok!

It's going to be ok!

Just breathe!

At this point, I don't know how Gravity is going to end, much like you don't know how your story is going to end.

What I can tell you, is this - if you hold on and keep the panic at bay, you will get through it.

If you've got a detachment story, I'd love to hear from you in the comments section.